Tuesday, February 25, 2014


yes, today is my birthday, I'm not too sure to be more mature, but I was never afraid to be 17 years old!, a lot of hope that I want to achieve at this age, I wanted to do something that would make people want to be like me. 

I've been a little sad because no one could understand me, even myself, can not understand, a lot of pressure that makes me a little messy, I have no reason to be happy 
but today, I knew what would make me happy, "love" 
I don't  have a boyfriend, has been almost 2 years I don't t have boyfriend
I had felt lonely, but my all friends makes my day like running any happier, they are taught "how to have fun with love" instead of "how to love the pain", and it makes me more happy than got a golden ticket from willy wonka xoxo

This is my best birthday ever !

 this is my first cake from my dance crew! 

 and when I came home from school, they came to bring me lots of cakes

 and after that, they come again , with another cakeee !!!

 this is from maiya&fathy, i don't know what should i say, 

this is from Alya, and she know me so well
thankyouu yong !!!

BIG THANKS TO: mamahpapah maiyavinnialyaditazazafitripipitabilekkyrendyridojuhaicaldoddyupi

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