Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black is such a happy color

 Leather Jacket - H&M
Black Dress - H&M
Hat - H&M
Socks - Pull & Bear 

 Everyone has a favorite color, and my favorite color is black. Black is the color that is perfect for me, and for me the black is the most sexy color. I'm always happy to wear a black shirt and black shoes. but there is one thing that can't  be explained from the black color , it sounds really weird but sometimes we love something without a good reason.
I got this awesome leather jacket from H&M,  first day i saw this jacket I'm very sad because these jackets are sold very expensive, and I tried to forget it. But when the next day I went back to look at the jacket, turned discounts! I picked it up and immediately pay it at the checkout. I really don't believe it, i'm so lucky girl, that day is a very touching moment (i was deeply moved)


  1. yes agreed!
    I love black too! super versatile and sophisticated :#

  2. your jacket is just so omg!! love your swag look xx

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    1. thankyou!
      yeah! i love to ! i will follow you , and you can follow me back ;)

  3. Your jacket is super cool!
    love your look :D


  4. Yeah, one can never go wrong with black attire because black goes with everyone, every time! :D I love black also, and it always turns out that when I go for shopping, I will unconsciously buy many black things! <3
    Adore your jacket anyway!

    p.s: mind following each other? ^^

  5. I super Loved all of your post and outfits :)
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