Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Messy Desk

5 days before the exam, my brain want to explode! I hope that the exam ends quickly , I tried hard to learn for the exam next month. wish me luck! and big whises for  my brain turns into a jimmy neutron's brain! hahaaha
in this post I want to let you know about my work and study desk, this desk is extremely messy, my mom always angry about this. but I prefer my desk a mess like this, because for me if my desk a mess it easier to search for small stuff, this sounds weird, but really I'm very easy to find small items if my desk cluttered.

white over size shirt - Zara
short pants - vintage store
black flat shoes - Cotton On 

This brown map contains about something, if i pass, i will tell you what is the contens of
 this map on the next post
soooooooooo wish me luckkkkk !!!! 

 paramore tatto made by me 

If you have a good eyes, can you guess the color of this ring ? 
write your guess on comment xoxo ^.^

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Little boy

hey! in this post i wanna share about my bad habit, i'm not really sure this is a bad habit or just a habit.
but my daddy always said that a bad habit, because i love wearing his shirt, the reason i love to wear his shirt because that is a big size, i love big size shirt, that's make me feel comfortable and cool hahaha
if we had the same habit ? share your bad habit on comment

Daddy's shirt (hihi if you read this, i'm so sorry daddy , i really love your big size shirt)
stripes pants - vintage store
black shoes - docmartens
daddy's hat (sorrryyyy daaad i love you so muchhhh )

by the way , i let my zipper lil bit open , because i guess it is a boys bad habit hihihi

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lovely Date

On this post , i wanna share about Tips and Trick how to look perfect on your first date or just having dinner with your boyfriend
And now , take your snacks and read this seriously! 

1. choose the clothes that will be worn in accordance with your age, i think little dress would be the    best choice for this moments,and should never be forced to wear the clothes that make you uncomfortable. 

2.For you hair, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and use the conditioner too, and your hair can be look healthy and shiny , i suggest let your hair disheveled it will look natural

3. For Make up , just put you BB cream, powder, mascara, eyeliner,blush on and lips gloss, is enough. At this time, don't try to make a make up experiment , because is not the time to be a nick minaj 

4. i think,don't choose the high heels or something like this , because if your choose low-heeled shoes,it will make you look cute 

5. Don't forgot to waxing guys miihihihihi , take a bath , use lotion , and perfume with a sweet smell 

if you've done everything right plus a good attitude , you wold be a perfect girl and your date will be more nice !!

Thanks a lot guys ! have a lovely date 
btw i'm little bit sad when i write this post , because i don't have boyfriend or a crush
while you guys dating, i just continue my falone activity 

Friday, May 10, 2013



- photo from tumblr

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm on a roll

yesterday i appeared to dance on one of the mall in Medan. i was really nervous at the time, because i look at the front >.< and i'm forgot to take a picture while we prepare before the show , btw i'm dancing with i'm on a roll by stefano , really good songs and big thanks to my dance instructor for choosing a great song and choreography!

grey shirt-from my mom
blue shirt- mark&spencer
pencil skirt-vintage store

 Vans - black sneakers

100 stylish readers

Hi fellasssssssss, i'm so happy now ! because i'm in Gogirl magazine 100 stylish readers 
Alahamdulillahirobilalamin , Big thanks to Allah swt :')

dress- vintage store
black shoes- dr. martens
black clutch - zara