Friday, April 19, 2013

Trip To Thailand part II (Pattaya)

i'm baaaack with more experiences about Thailand. Thailand more precisely in PATTAYA which has a very amazing beach.Very hot air makes my skin becomes black , and summer vacation in Thailand makes many tourist to come , also musical event making night at the fabulous pattaya really perfectooo!
And also many little shops there (always make me happy). But when i was there , is more difficult to find halal food :( maybe only 2 or 3 places that sell halal food, but don't worry ! KFC has always been a hero to those starving people who need a halal and tasty food >.<

Thankyou Allah swt has given so much magic, as the sun sets. it is so wonderful in my eyes and my heart


  1. nice post! looks so amazing. can I know what hotels do you lived at bangkok and pattaya? :) im going there with my friends :)


  2. Hii livia! if in bangkok i recommend the INDRA REGENT hotel , only 2 steps to the rear of hotel u are able to shop as much , but i forgot the name of hotel in pattaya :( i just remember it was in front of the pattaya beach ;) soooo have a nice trip !