Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holiday

i've finished all of my task, and the exam is already done! i'm so blessed, i'm going to start my holiday from this post, and hopefully i will post often on my blog, so when i told you "new post is up!" on my twitter or instagram, you must check it as fast as you can .
i don't know where to go in this holiday, but i've already planned  what i'm gonna do for this holiday


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Do you ever hate the color of your skin? Do you ever want your skin looks more brighter or darker? Same here! I was very disappointed with my skin color, because it was too dark. Many people judge me because of it. I really want my skin to be brighter like other girls who has white skin, but i think this shit was really annoying, how the hell is redskin blackskin white skin yellowskin or any color that we have can make other people judge me. Allah swt always give me the best , healthy skin with the color of indonesian look, this properly to be thankful for. I can still look cool with this brown skin , no matter what the color of your skin, you must be thankful of it, and make it look beautiful for you. If they judge your skin, they don't know how classy you are ! 

 My mom buy this cute little dress from bangkok , i don't know how to call this dress, my mom said this is baby doll dress hahaha but i think this is Midi Pini dress, because i was looking for the same dress like this on Topshop and they call it Midi Pini dress !

Tomorrow i will go to my hometown , Bandung! Wait for my new advanture story on my next post.

Thankyou Alya for many things,
always remember that if you fall
i will pick you up........
after i finish laughing hahaha luv u al!  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Coachella! , who doesn't know coachella, music festival who always attended with all cool people. And the "street style" at the coachella is the important things that we must watch ! a lot of people who look unique with their own individual style, and that's my inspiration for this post.

I also made an easy D.I.Y crop top
you just need 1.Big Shirt
                      3. scissors
                      4. markers
                      5. And You don't have to read anything, just look at this picture one by one and you've
                          been able to made an easy crop top for the coachella !

 Pants - TOPSHOP 
  boots- TOPSHOP


Saturday, August 10, 2013

There is no uniform

Lets us imagine ,if you are allowed to wear any clothes to school, what would you wear?
This will I wear .
 white shirt - my mom's boutique
baby blue shirt - my mom's boutique
shocks - cotton on
shoes - dr martens 
clutch - H&M

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Eid !

hey fellas! besok adalah hari terakhir kita untuk berpuasa, jadiiiiiii aku sangat senang karena lebaran adalah moment moment yang bahagia untuk berkumpul dengan keluarga. Tapi untuk lebaran kali ini, aku dan keluargaku tidak pergi ke Bandung, karena kerjaan papah dan mamah yang tidak bisa ditinggalkan, but it's okay, i can still get together with my family in this town.
Selamat Idul fitri semuanya! 

And this is my friend project for this month, he asked me to make articles for Eid which will be placed in the magazine. I write about how to dress up for Eid without a new clothes

And this is me on the cover hehehe 

If you want to read it, click HERE

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 jacket - my brother made this for me
black shirt - zara
long skirt - unbranded
boots - topshop
 hey fellas!  this is amazing month because it's ramadhan! i as a muslim people are obliged to fast in this month, we are also required to restrain appetite for eating and drinking, anger, and all the bad things.
i'm thankful for many things this month that I can do, a lot of job offers to write an article for this month, and many new projects are going to do, so I can forget that I'm hungry or thirsty.
soooo have a blessed ramdham all ! 

i just found this book yesterday, this book was sooo fabulous with story about fashion, i'm so recomended this book for you guys!